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The Official Press Release on the All New Haunted Attraction Magazine

HauntedHouse.com, the world’s largest online directory of haunted houses and Halloween activities, announced today that it has purchased the assets of Haunted Attraction Magazine. With haunted houses becoming over a 1 billion dollar industry, the merging of these industry giants create a synergy destined to reach haunted house professionals, hobbyists and the general public.

Industry veteran, Steve Kopelman, will be the Editor-in-Chief and co-publisher of the magazine while Christopher Brielmaier will be the art director and co-publisher. Together they intend to publish a quarterly magazine that will feature horror/haunted house celebrities while providing an insight to an industry that has maintained double digit annual growth the past decade. Their first issue will be published in September and will continue the Haunted Attraction Magazine tradition of featuring the must see 31 haunted attractions for the 2013 season. “This acquisition allows us a bigger voice in the industry and will offer us the opportunity to even better showcase the haunted house experience to the general public.” Steve Kopelman, Co-Publisher.

About HauntedHouse.com:
HauntedHouse.com (www.hauntedhouse.com) is the premier online site for the general public to search for haunted attractions and Halloween activities in their local areas.

About Haunted Attraction Magazine:
Haunted Attraction Magazine (www.hauntedattraction.com) is the oldest national magazine to highlight haunted houses and the haunted attraction industry.

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