The Must See Top 31 Haunts of 2017!

The haunted house industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds across America.  From major amusement park events to agritainment and stand alone attractions, attendance continues to rise as people make attending a haunted house or attraction part of their annual celebration of Halloween.  Each year new technology is introduced to bring customers the latest and greatest in horror themed entertainment.  This year is no exception, we’ve seen great advancements in show control, animation, sound, light, and new this year, the first of their kind virtual reality attractions.  Every year we are challenged to name our list of 31 Must See attractions.  As an industry resource we celebrate all the hard work that each and every one of the 1000’s of events across the country put in.  Reluctantly, we limit our list to 31, but strongly encourage our readers to visit as many haunted houses as they are able to.  Without further delay, here is Haunted Attraction Magazine’s 2017 Must See 31.  Happy Halloween!

  1. Terror on the Fox– Green Bay WI
  2. Nashville Nightmare – Nashville TN
  3. House Of Torment – Austin TX & Chicago IL
  4. Erebus – Pontiac MI
  5. 13th Floor – Chicago IL,  Denver CO, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio TX
  6. The Asylum Haunted House – Denver, CO
  7. Fear Farm/Phoenix Haunted House – Phoenix AZ
  8. Netherworld – Atlanta GA
  9. Bates Motel – Philadelphia PA
  10. Scareatorium – Columbus OH
  11. Bennett’s Curse – Baltimore MD
  12. Edge of Hell – Kansas City MO
  13. Nightmare on the Bayou – Houston TX
  14. The Darkness – Saint Louis MO
  15. Dent Schoolhouse – Cincinnati OH
  16. Spookywoods – Archdale NC
  17. Spookyworld – Litchfield NH
  18. Shocktoberfest – Sinking Spring PN
  19. Atrox Factory – Leeds AL
  20. The Scream Zone – Del Mar CA
  21. Hundred Acres Manor – Pittsburgh PN
  22. Terror Behind the Walls – Philadelphia PN
  23. Fright Kingdom – Nashua NH
  24. Wisconsin Fear Grounds – Milwaukee WI
  25. Woods of Terror – Greensboro NC
  26. Shallow Grave – Winter Haven FL
  27. Nightmare on 13th – Salt Lake City UT
  28. Phobius Haunted House – Wright City MO
  29. Haunted Schoolhouse & Lab – Akron OH
  30. Saint Lucifer’s Screampark – Flint MI
  31. Talon Falls Screampark – Melber, KY
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